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Dawn Penn

Dawn Penn had a short career, in the Rock Steady between 1967 and 1969. She worked with producers Bunny Lee, Prince Buster and Studio One. Her song catalogue include “ No, No, No, (1967), “Why Did You Leave” , “Broke My Heart”, “I Let You Go Boy” To Sir with Love “, “Here Comes the Sun”, “Long Day, Short Night”, “Blue Yes Blue” and “Here’s the Key”. She currently lives in in London.

Hortense Ellis

Hortense Ellis aka (Mahalia Saunders and Queen Tiney ) began touring Jamaica 1960 with Byron Lee and The Dragonaires. She also began recording with some of the island’s top producers. She recorded “Right on the Tip of My Tongue” a nd “Piece of My Heart” under the pseudonyms Mahalia Saunders and “Down Town Ting” for producer Bunny “Striker” Lee as Queen Tiney. Her 1970 single “Unexpected Places” was a big hit in Jamaica and also in Britain (Hawkeye label). Ellis’ catalogue included “ I Shall Sing”, “Hell and Sorrow” and “Brown Girl in the Ring”, “Twelve Minutes To Go”, “I’ll Come Softly” , ‘Just a Girl’, ‘I Shall Sing’, ‘With All My Heart’ and ‘Somebody Help Me’ w/ Busters All Stars.

Hortense Ellis aka (Mahalia Saunders and Queen Tiney

Hortense teamed up with her brother Alton Ellis on the album ‘ Alton Hortense’ (Studio One) Ellis moved to New York City and Miami before returning to Kingston, Jamaica where she died in October 2000 from a stomach infection. – ‘ I’m Just A Girl’

Nora Dean

Nora Dean is a former member of the Soulettes also recorded as a member of the Ebony Sisters before recording as a solo artist. She focused many of her songs on sex. Her career spans Rocksteady, Reggae and Gospel. Dean Catalogue included; “ The Same Thing That You Gave to Daddy” ( 1969) Dean had her first hit in 1970 for producer Byron Smith with “Barbwire.” Her other hits ‘Mojo Girl’ ‘Wreck A Buddy’ ’The Same Thing You Gave Daddy’ ( Lee Perry) ‘Iam the Same Woman’ ‘Angle Lala’ or ‘Aye Ay’, ’Peace Begin Within’ ,‘Eddie My Love’ ‘Love of a Boy’, ‘Greedy Boy. ’ She recorded “Night Food Reggae” (Sonia Pottinger), (“ Let Me Tell You Boy “) (Harry Mudie), “Que Sera Sera”, retitled “Kay Sarah (Bunny Lee). Dean moved to New York City in the mid-1970 where she married. She is now concentrating on gospel music.

Doreen Shafer

Doreen Shafer – She’s one of the great female voices from Jamaica. From 1964 -1994 she worked and performed live with the Skatalites band. She appeared on Album ‘Rude Girls ‘Try a Little Smile’, ‘This Love’ ‘I am Gonna Change My Mind’ (Studio One Archives – Volume 7 Still in Love/w Alton Ellis’ You are wondering Now’ w/Skatalites.’ I Don’t Know Why.’

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Chung, C. D., Liao, J., Liu, B., Rao, X., Jay, P., Berta, P. and Shuai, K.
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Costa-Pereira, A. P., Tininini, S., Strobl, B., Alonzi, T., Schlaak, J. F., Is'harc, H., Gesualdo, I., Newman, S. J., Kerr, I. M. and Poli, V.
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Darnell, J. E.

Taken together, a block of exportin-1-mediated nuclear export leads to reduced nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of STAT3. Consequently, v-Src-induced STAT3 phosphorylation and STAT3-mediated gene expression is decreased resulting in irreversible induction of apoptosis in v-Src-transformed cells.

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Although activation of STAT3 through cytokine receptors is transient, persistent activation of STAT3 has been detected in many types of cancer ( Quality From China Wholesale Sale Finishline Jamin Puech Perret tote bag nqZId40jOP
). The mechanism of constitutive STAT3 activation by v-Src has been studied in some detail. It has been shown that v-Src phosphorylates and activates Jak1, which suggests that Jak-1 contributes to the v-Src-induced phosphorylation of STAT3 ( Zhang et al., 2000b ). However, there is strong evidence for an interaction of STAT3 and v-Src leading to direct phosphorylation of STAT3 by v-Src ( Cao et al., 1996 ; Zhang et al., 2000a ). In order to clarify the mechanism underlying the constitutive STAT3 activation we coexpressed STAT3-YFP or STAT3-CY with v-Src. We found that phosphorylation by v-Src requires the intact SH2-domain of STAT3, which suggests that canonical cytokine receptor/Jak signalling might be involved. However, deletion or inhibition of Jaks does not block phosphorylation of STAT3 by v-Src. As a consequence, the STAT3-induced feedback inhibitor SOCS3, which interferes with STAT3 activation through cytokine receptors and Jaks, does not inhibit STAT3 activation by v-Src. Compared with the SOCS3 feedback-controlled IL-6 mediated activation, the uncontrolled activation of STAT3 by v-Src leads to a much stronger gene induction. The massive gene induction evoked by persistently activated STAT3 might contribute to tumour progression. PIAS3, the protein inhibitor of activated STAT3, does not discriminate between STAT3 phosphorylated by v-Src or by the canonical gp130/Jak1 pathway (summarized in Fig. 7 ). The function of the STAT3 SH2-domain in activation by v-Src is still unresolved. Possibly, a direct phosphorylation of STAT3 by v-Src is mediated by an SH2-domain/phosphotyrosine interaction.

Fig. 7.

v-Src- and IL-6-mediated STAT3 activation and its inhibition. Cytokine-induced STAT3 activation (right) is transient owing to the induction of the feedback inhibitor SOCS3. Persistent activation of STAT3 by v-Src (left) requires nucleocytoplasmic shuffling. Inhibition of nuclear export blocks the reactivation cycle. See Discussion for details.

v-Src is myristoylated and bound to the cytoplasmic leaflet of membranes and thereby excluded from the nucleus. Thus, the cytoplasm can be regarded as the cellular STAT3 activation compartment. Conversely, the nucleus can be considered to be the STAT3 inactivation compartment, since STAT3 dephosphorylation at pY705 occurs mainly here. In this context, persistent activation of STAT3 requires a cyclic process of phosphorylation in the cytoplasm, transfer through the nuclear pore complex (NPC), dephosphorylation in the nucleus and export through the NPC ( Fig. 7 , left). Although this continuous reactivation cycle of STAT3 has been postulated ( Missoni chevron high neck jumper Cheap Sale 2018 Newest 5AaEPB
), it has not been directly demonstrated or quantified. Alternative mechanisms for enhanced STAT3 activation in v-Src-transformed cells could be thought of. For example, v-Src transformation of cells could interfere with the dephosphorylation of STAT3 in the nucleus and thereby prevent inactivation and export of nuclear STAT3. In this static model of STAT3 activation by v-Src, nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of STAT3 would not play a role.

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